Writing reports in English

Business report writing course in English: this course focuses on providing the correct language skills needed to create accurate and precise business reports in English.

The objective is to develop a style that is clear and structured, and using vocabulary that conveys the details in a format specifically targeted towards the learner’s industry. This course is conducted in a workshop style to enable you to produce specialised reports related to your clients’/colleagues’ needs.

The editorial skills will be trained through a large number of writing assignments.

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  • Target group

    Employees who need to write specific and formal reports in a foreign language (for internal and/or external contact). Candidates should have a minimum level of 3/5 ALTE – B2 CEF.

  • Cycle

    16 hours (sessions of 2 hours)
    1 hour = 60 minutes

  • Number of participants

    Private, twin or group course (3 to 6 participants)

  • Languages

    English (this course is also available for French, Dutch and German).

  • Follow-up e-learning

    At the start of the English course, you receive access to our online e-learning platform where you will find weekly exercises tailored to your language level.

    You’ll also have access to the e-lexica, where you can practice specific business vocabulary through a series of drills (e.g. EU terminology, financial terminology, HR terminology, IT terminology, legal terminology, marketing terminology, negotiating terminology, telephone expressions, etc.).

  • Practical information

    Rapid planning based on your availability.
    The course can take place in your office or at our training centres in Brussels, Ghent, Diegem, Antwerp or Liege.

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