Erik Meert - SHL

Erik Meert - SHL

A unique opportunity to work in close cooperation with the global player SHL

The online tailor-made language tests: a big success

‘The consistent flexibility of Lerian-Nti is the feature that never ceases to amaze and surprise us’, explains Erik Meert, Senior Business Development Manager at SHL.

When one of the global market leaders in assessment tests comes knocking on your door, you pay attention. Now, one and a half years later, the school’s successful cooperation with SHL is still going strong. The Lerian-Nti adaptive language test has become an integral part of the sales package of one of the world’s leaders in the field of assessment.

‘Until recently we did not have a language test in our portfolio’, says Erik Meert of SHL. As a Senior Business Manager, Mr Meert had to go through the difficult process of selecting the best among many prospective language service suppliers. This is what makes the SHL’s preference for Lerian-Nti so valuable and significant. The Lerian adaptive test was the best fit for the SHL complex portfolio profile.

‘At a certain point one of the biggest international banks asked us to include an online language test within the other tools used in our standard assessment of the prospective employees’ profiles. This is when we decided to go shopping and came across Lerian-Nti. They immediately caught our attention as it is very important for us to choose for the right and reliable partner: SHL is directly responsible to its clients for the overall quality of its final product’, Mark Meert continues. At SHL he is also in charge of the commercial relationship with the clients.

The adaptive test

SHL is active in 40 countries and provides online assessment services such as personality and skill tests, in more than 30 languages. The company completes more than 5 million online assessments a year. So, why has such a globally renowned company chosen Lerian-Nti language services?

Erik Meert: ‘It was a well-informed choice. Lerian adaptive tests could be integrated, in the same way as all our other tests could, within the workings of the workflow technologies (Web Service Integration) and consequently be used in several different languages. The most important argument: we were looking for a high quality online test. We didn’t want a test in which one should indicate and set the tested candidate’s level (low proficiency or advanced) at the very beginning. The big advantage of Lerian’s test is that it automatically adjusts and selects the level of difficulty after the first five standard questions. The test does so in accordance with the candidate’s displayed level of language proficiency. So, all the test exercises that follow are well adapted to the candidate’s own specific language proficiency level. Additionally, the excellent evaluation tools that the test offers are a big plus’, Erik Meert continues.

For the entire HR-cycle

‘The big banks use the adaptive test mainly in their recruitment process. However, Lerian’s adaptive test could be employed at every stage of the HR-cycle: it is highly flexible’. Above all it is Lerian’s proven flexibility that continues to impress Erik Meert. ‘The school never fails to offer a specific tailor-made language tests. Also, Lerian is always prepared to change and adjust the tests so that they are the perfect match for the client’s needs. The school is always ready to make an extra effort even if the additional work is not indicated in the initial agreement. Whether it is an ad hoc test or one-year test license, choosing with the help of Lerian-Nti is never a problem. This flexibility allows us to offer suitable tests to our big and small clients, even to customers who need to test just one candidate and only once.’

Keeping up the good work

What is Erik Meert’s forecast about the future cooperation between Lerian-Nti and SHL? ‘We already use the adaptive online test while recruiting for three of our clients. At the moment we are negotiating the possibilities to use the test with several other prospective customers. We are planning to include the standard language test in our regular sales negotiations. So, the cooperation is evolving in the right direction, I would say. Everything is going very well indeed.’