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The knowledge of languages is essential in business life. Many companies need employees who can communicate fluently (both verbally and in writing) in a foreign language. 

For more than 20 years Lerian-Nti has been providing high quality language services, which not only help companies to meet their ever-increasing communication needs, but inform, inspire and teach. We guarantee optimal quality for all of our products: language courses, virtual classrooms, e-learning, language tests, translations, document structure guidelines and on-line language advice for HR personnel.

We are an innovative language centre with an extended office network and a team of over 200 language trainers.

Survival kits

Survival kits

Surviving in a foreign language environment? You can do it thanks to the extremely useful language Survival Kit booklets of Lerian-Nti.

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G. Lambrechts Stroom Consultancy bvba

G. Lambrechts Stroom Consultancy bvba

Never thought I would speak French so fluently after a five-day language immersion class

Geert Lambrechts followed an intensive, five-day language immersion class last summer.

A job at Lerian-Nti

Freelance language instructors

Freelance language instructors

Lerian-Nti is looking to recruit dynamic and creative Language Instructors of Dutch, French, English and German.


Need a translation

Looking for a translation

Looking for professional translations at a competitive price?
We translate into Dutch, French, English, German and other languages.

Akira Translations, your professional translation partner.