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The Lerian-Nti Survival Kits are pocketbooks with handy key phrases to make sure you never lose your bearings in a foreign business environment.

Our Survival kits contain typical business expressions and are especially designed for foreign language speakers. The objective is to use the phrases that the book features in diverse business situations: during meetings, on the phone, while writing e-mails.

Each pocketbook contains key phrases dealing with the following situations:

  • Greeting people, introducing yourself
  • Telephone conversations
  • Asking for and giving directions
  • Making or changing an appointment
  • Meetings and discussions
  • Writing e-mails
  • Expressing your best wishes
  • Informal conversation

Each section is constructed in the same way with dialogues, vocabulary, key phrases and exercises.

The Lerian-Nti websites provides additional exercises, as well as the opportunity to listen to the dialogues and key phrases which appear in this handy booklet.

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