G. Lambrechts - Stroom Consultancy bvba

G. Lambrechts - Stroom Consultancy bvba

Never thought I would speak French so fluently after a five-day language immersion class

Geert Lambrechts followed an intensive, five-day language immersion class last summer. "I do not have a flair for languages so I was completely surprised by the result. After five days I spoke French fluently once again and on the way home I was even thinking in French", he says satisfied.

Geert is a ‘lean coach’; he helps other companies work more efficiently. "I work for different enterprises. Last year I received more assignments across the language border and it seemed like a good idea to invest in French language training."

No time for group lessons

"Since I know that I don't have a flair for languages, private lessons seemed like a sensible idea. I was not keen on group lessons, I didn't have time for that, so I asked one of my clients which language partner they could recommend. That's how I came into contact with Lerian-Nti."

"A huge success"

Geert looked over the different formulas on the website and chose an intensive, five-day language immersion class. "It was a huge success. I really wanted to brush up on French grammar rules and sentence structure. My vocabulary is good, but if I were to translate something literally, it would sound strange. My language instructor, Philippe, responded well to my expectations."

Major progress in a short time

"Philippe taught precisely what I needed and had a good method for building up knowledge. We even continued our conversations in French during our lunch break. Now that's what I call intensive training."

"The instructor designed the lessons smartly: in the morning he focused on grammar. Then we ate lunch and I could practice my new knowledge in a relaxed manner. In the afternoon, Philippe often referred back to our lunch conversation. He pointed out the frequently made mistakes and explained what I could improve."

Also for those who don't have a flair for languages

Geert was impressed with the result. "After five days I spoke French fluently once again. In the car on the way home, I noticed that I was thinking in French. I didn't expect to make so much progress because I know that I'm not good at languages."

Continue learning at your own pace

After the training session, Geert received exercises on a weekly basis to maintain his knowledge. "In the meantime I have discovered other ways to maintain my new French skills. I watch the news in French on a regular basis and I read a French comic strip. I pay special attention to the tips that Philippe gave me last year."