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Language workshops Dutch - practicing Dutch: tailored and effective!

With the language workshops of Lerian-Nti you can determine the content and length of your own Dutch language course. You can choose from 8 workshops of half a day (4 hours). In each workshop we train your colleagues in a functional and interactive way.

Overview of the workshops:

Greeting people Telephone conversations At reception
Taalworkshop Groeten - Zich voorstellen Taalworkshop Telefonische Conversaties Taalworkshop Aan de receptie
  • Greeting, introducing yourself
  • Receiving someone
  • Talking about your job (tasks, activities, sector)
  • Short daily expressions

  • Answering the telephone, asking for information
  • Taking/leaving a message
  • Problems, complaints
  • Spell/ask to spell
  • Explaining the way from/to
    your company
  • Welcoming a visitor
  • Locate a visitor
  • Locate an object
  • Exchange information
Making or changing an appointment Meetings and discussions Writing e-mails
Taalworkshop Een afspraak maken-wijzigen Taalworkshop Vergaderen-discussiëren Taalworkshop E-mails schrijven
  • Making an appointment
  • Cancelling an appointment
  • Changing an appointment
  • Asking someone to wait
  • Agreeing / disagreeing
  • Offering an opinion
  • Introducing a meeting
  • Giving / defending your opinion
  • Formal vs. informal
  • Referring to something
  • To confirm, to inform, asking questions
  • Out of office
Informal conversation Grammar brush-up
Taalworkshop Informele conversatie Taalworkshop Opfrissing grammatica
  • Small talk
  • Networking
  • Talking about general situations

Brushing up the grammar rules in order to express oneself more correctly in an oral and a written manner.


More info

  • Target group

    Minimum knowledge of the language: basic (1.5 ALTE / A2+ CEF)

  • Cycle

    Half a day (4 hours) per workshop

  • Number of participants

    3 to 6 participants

  • Languages

    Dutch (this course is also available for French, and English).

  • Practical information

    Rapid planning based on your availability.
    The course can take place in your office or at our training centres in Brussels, Ghent, Diegem, Antwerp or Liege.

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