Cookie Policy

Lerian, with registered offices in Ghent, is responsible for this cookie policy. Please send any questions and/or comments to the above address or by email to

It is important to Lerian that you are able to view, read, listen to and/or experience its Lerian content wherever and whenever you wish via various media platforms. Lerian also aims to provide customised interactive services. Lerian online services use technology such as cookies and scripts to enable this. For convenience's sake, this technology is referred to below collectively as “cookies”. With this cookie policy, Lerian aims to inform you about which cookies are used and why. It also explains how you, as a user, can control which cookies are used. Lerian seeks to safeguard both your privacy and the user-friendliness of its online services. Lerian has tried to keep this policy as simple as possible.

This cookie policy applies to all “Lerian online services” and particularly to all websites, (mobile) applications and internet services that Lerian offers and which provide access to Lerian content.

Certain data gathered enable you to be identified or a link to be created to you as a natural person and thus qualify as personal data. If that is the case then the information (including your various rights) set out in our privacy policy is also applicable to such processing of information obtained through cookies.

Lerian may amend its cookie policy at any time. This may be done to reflect any changes to its services, for example, or changes in the applicable law. The revised policy will be published on the relevant Lerian online services and will apply from the date of publication.

What are cookies, exactly?

Cookies are small data or text files which are installed on your computer or mobile device when you visit a website or use an application / a mobile application. The cookie file contains a unique code which enables the website or web application to identify your browser when you visit an online service for the first time or during subsequent, repeated visits. Cookies may be installed by the server of the website or application you are visiting or by servers of third parties which may or may not collaborate with that website or application.

Generally speaking, cookies make the interaction between the visitor and the website or application easier and faster, and help the visitor to navigate between the various sections of a website or application.

How can you refuse or manage the use of cookies on Lerian online services?

You can block the installation of cookies via your browser settings. You can also delete any cookies already installed on your computer or mobile device, whenever you wish, as follows:

If you do choose to disable cookies, you should take into account that some graphic elements may look different and/or you may not be able to use certain applications. A detailed list of the types of cookies Lerian uses on its websites is set out below.

Cookies used

Strictly necessary cookies:

These cookies are essential to the correct functioning of the Lerian website and our online services. Lerian uses these cookies to guarantee the following functionalities:

  • the correct functioning of the website;
  • to read out your browser settings to display our website optimally on your screen;
  • better performance.

The use of these cookies does not require the user's permission and cannot be disabled. You could adjust your browser settings to block these cookies or warn you of their use, but this will result in some sections of the website not working.

Name: lang
Purpose: This session cookie is used to set the appropriate language for the site.
Expiry date: End of session
Type: HTTP

Functional cookies:

These cookies are necessary for the optimal functioning of the Lerian website and our online services.

Purpose: This default session cookie is used by PHP for the communication between the web server and the browser. PHP generates a unique and automatic ID for every visitor. We only install and use this cookie for visitors taking part in a quiz on our website. PHP is a programming language used for the communication between your browser and the web server hosting this website. Without this communication you would not be able to read the website.
Expiry date: When the browser is closed
Type: HTTP

Statistical cookies:

Statistical or analytical cookies gather information about how the Lerian website and online services are used. Lerian can analyse that information. These analysis results in turn enable Lerian to improve the structure, navigation and content of the website and to make them as user-friendly as possible.

Lerian uses third-party cookies for analytical purposes. Lerian does its utmost to ensure that the installation of any such cookies by third parties via our platforms is monitored as closely as possible. Lerian has set Google Analytics to run in a privacy-friendly manner (e.g. IP addresses have been anonymised). Lerian will not be able to trace the resulting statistics and reports (received from the third party) back to any specific user.

Google Analytics:

Name: _ga
Purpose: Used to identify users.
Expiry date: 2 year
Type: HTTP

Name: _gat
Purpose: Used to throttle request rate. If Google Analytics is implemented via Google Tag Manager, the name of this cookie will be _dc_gtm_ <property-id>.
Expiry date: 1 minute
Type: HTTP

Name: _gid
Purpose: Used to identify users.
Expiry date: 2 year
Type: HTTP