Tailor-made language courses

Learning a language, while interacting with a teacher, online, in your company or in our school’s classrooms located in Brussels, Gent, Antwerp and Liege is the most popular and suitable for tailor-made courses form of language education.

Annually Lerian organizes more than 3000 tailor-made courses in Dutch, French, English, German, Spanish and Italian.

The content of the course is adapted to suit your language level and your specific needs.

'Custom-made' language

Lerian’s concept of tailor-made language training puts the emphasis on the student. Our analysis of the student learning efficiency has shown that during the courses which encourage active participation the progress that the candidates make is quicker and more visible.

Our method is based on:

  • maximizing student speaking time
  • creative exercising
  • holding realistic and close to daily professional life conversations

Our tailor-made language courses make learning fun and actively encourage student participation. The candidates and the teachers work together on the interactive whole of the lesson.

This is one of the reasons that led to the creation of our e-learning platform. After each face-to-face lesson the candidates can continue their language training following their own pace: using the electronic exercises designed for each student’s specific level and vocabulary needs. This is a system that detects the candidates’ weak points and offers extra vocabulary and grammar exercises. The system is therefore adaptive: it adjusts itself to the diverse language needs of the students.

The perfect match

As a rule, we base our final goal-oriented training proposals on elaborate and carefully designed language tests and needs analysis. This means that for every specific request we select a specific instructor, who is highly specialized and has excellent knowledge of the vocabulary field that the client needs. “The perfect match” is made by the person pedagogically responsible for each target language.

We choose to work with small groups

The smaller the group, the bigger the interaction and the progress made. That is why at Lerian-NTI we deliver better results in a shorter period of time compared to the lengthy efforts that one had to make at school. We offer custom-made language services on multiple levels: from the intensive individual courses to the language immersion training programmes for the entire company.


“Practical language courses"

Lerian’s language courses are very practical and are completely tailored to the needs of our company and the people following the courses. They are taught the proper terminology and they also learn how to handle different types of communication that they come across and use every day at work. The participants can also suggest themes to cover during the course. It is very interactive. I only have positive things to say about Lerian; those who have completed the courses have really improved their proficiency level.

Source: Qfor customer satisfaction report, 2018

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