Oral proficiency language test

The oral language tests are done over the phone or in place (at the company of the candidates or at Lerian-Nti offices). We analyse and assess your employees’ oral language proficiency within the context of real-life business situations. It is a goal-oriented testing that aims at answering the following questions:

  • How fluent is the candidate in real-life business situations?
  • How well does the candidate understand what is being said in the context of real-life business situations?
  • What is the candidate’s knowledge and use of everyday general vocabulary?
  • What is the candidate’s knowledge of business vocabulary?

The end assessment: measurable and goal-oriented

After the test the client receives a test report which contains the oral language proficiency level, pedagogical findings and recommendations. The results are calculated according to the standard international requirements (CEFR – ALTE) and can be easily compared to any internationally or nationally recognized language standards and norms.


The oral proficiency language tests are available for assessing Dutch oral proficiency, French oral proficiency, English oral proficiency,  German oral proficiency, Spanish oral proficiency, Italian oral proficiency and other languages on request.

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