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Linguaskill (formerly BULATS) is an English language test for companies and organisations that want to evaluate the language skills of employees, interns or job applicants quickly, reliably and in a cost-efficient way.

With Linguaskill, you can test the communication skills that are required in real business situations. Unlike other language tests, Linguaskill tests all four traditional skills – listening, speaking, reading and writing. So you can find out whether your people have the skills required for the international business market.

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Cambridge Assessment English

You need to be confident that the test you use is reliable and that you receive the necessary recommendations and support.

The Linguaskill tests have been developed to the same standards as Cambridge Assessment’s world-famous language tests and meet the same standards in terms of quality control and customer service.

In Belgium and Luxembourg, the Linguaskill language tests are administered by Lerian. Lerian coordinates the administration and provides advice and support to organisations using the tests.

Adaptive language test

The Linguaskill computer language test uses ‘adaptive’ testing techniques to produce a quick and accurate assessment of language skills. Each candidate starts at the same level, regardless of their skills. The computer uses the previous answers to select the next question. As such, the language test becomes progressively easier or more difficult until a consistent level of knowledge is reached.

There is no need for an examiner to be present during this language test. Simple and clear instructions appear on the screen in the candidate’s native language. During the test, the program selects questions from an extensive question database. This means that each test is practically unique and reduces the chance of cheating to zero. The questions are presented in English, but the on-screen instructions can also be displayed in other languages so that key information is not misunderstood.

The test can take up to 75 minutes to complete and results are available immediately.

The adaptive test technology is underpinned by a number of innovative features, all designed to ensure that the program is easy to use but powerful in terms of performance. The results of the Linguaskill computer test are available immediately. At the end of the test, they can be displayed on the screen and printed out in a test report.

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