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Language education has always been a flourishing business. Language oriented technologies and pedagogical sciences never stand still. In Belgium, Lerian is the driving force behind the latest cutting edge developments in the field of language training. Learn Dutch, French, English and German online; it is now possible. Make use of the virtual classroom that redefines language education.

The way we see it, our virtual classroom combines the advantages of both distance learning and face-to-face language training. Highly experienced language teachers supervise small study groups that consist of maximum 3 students. This guarantees interactivity and an extended and sufficient ‘speaking time’ for each student. The teaching is based on especially developed language materials that reflect the specific professional terminology (professional jargon) of a wide variety of business and production fields.

The learning process continues outside the virtual classroom as well. While using our e-learning platform the students have the opportunity to continue practising the language at their own pace and without any interference from the teacher. The individual progress and efforts of each student can be followed online.

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E-learning with a coach

On this course, you have access to the online learning platform which offers a variety of assignments and exercises that are based on the learning objectives you formulated with the instructor right at the start. So you essentially end up with a tailor-made course that you can work through on your own – and you can do it from the comfort of your own home.

The exercises and theoretical explanations perfectly matched what I had asked for at the beginning. You also had contact with an instructor via Skype; they explained the assignments and you also had the chance to ask them questions. The Skype calls were also great for really zooming in on certain aspects, and thanks to the feedback I got, I could really work on the things I was still struggling with. I have since purchased this course for our employees and we have already had a lot of positive feedback.

Source: Qfor customer satisfaction report, 2018

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