To practise German in an informal manner

Conversation tables German: the focus is on fluency and communication. In the first lesson the trainer and the participants draw up a list with subjects for discussion to be offered during the sessions. Subjects can also be added or removed as the course goes on. For each session the trainer will provide the participants with preparation materials (e.g. newspaper articles, web sites, television and radio programmes). The participants can also provide material.

Examples of business-oriented subjects for conversations:

  • Dealing with different generations and cultures in your company
  • The meeting culture in your company
  • What will your company look like in 20 years? ("Building the future together")
  • Mobility (How do you get to work? Do you often end up in traffic jams? Do you think that there are alternative solutions to congestion? How do you feel about using public transport?)

Suggestions for skill-oriented conversation subjects:

  • Role-playing and simulations for telephone calls (taking or leaving a message, making an appointment, asking for information, etc.)
  • Simulation of a meeting/negotiation