French course for expats (beginners).

French for expats (beginners): This course offers you a ‘survival kit’ to allow you to communicate in an elementary way in normal daily life and enter into the ‘French’ speaking culture.

The following skills will be worked on:

  • introducing yourself
  • introducing your family
  • talking about hobbies and spare time activities
  • making contact with someone
  • asking questions
  • booking a hotel or restaurant
  • describing a place
  • dealing with shopping
  • etc.

The training course is based on interactive communication, including role-play and supported with key phrases to assist retention. The content is oriented around yout present and future needs, outside the business arena.

Extra info

Target group

Expats who have little or no knowledge of the target language.


30 hours (sessions of 1.5 or 2 hours)
1 hour = 60 minutes

Number of participants

Private, twin or group course (3 to 6 participants)


French (this course is also available for Dutch and English).

Practical information

Rapid planning based on your availability.
The course can take place in your office or at our training centres in Brussels, Ghent, Diegem, Antwerp or Liege.