Cover maximum up to 15 study hours of the course's entire duration


IPV-IFP is the training adviser for companies active in the field of the food industry. In order to apply for funding the companies should be declared eligible under the PC 118/220, PC 119 workforce employment rule.

Tailor-made language training for your employees

Under the guidance of IPV-IFP it is now possible to follow a broad range of language training courses. For example, the training programmes feature Dutch taught as a second language at the candidates’ work place; Polish, helping to improve the prospective candidates’ communication with Polish warehouse workers; business English for executive secretaries and French for administrative and management employees.

The contents of each training course are flexible and vary depending on the language proficiency level of the candidates and their specific professional language needs. The courses’ duration, pace and proficiency level are determined during the candidates’ language screening test.

The training can take place on your company premises or at one of Lerian’s language centres. The courses offer a tailor-made approach and/or language immersion.

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