Language workshops of half a day (4 hours) on business themes.

Language workshops Dutch - practicing Dutch: tailored and effective!

With the language workshops of Lerian-Nti you can determine the content and length of your own Dutch language course. You can choose from 8 workshops of half a day (4 hours). In each workshop we train your colleagues in a functional and interactive way.

Overview of the workshops:

Greeting people Telephone conversations At reception
Taalworkshop Groeten - Zich voorstellen Taalworkshop Telefonische Conversaties Taalworkshop Aan de receptie
  • Greeting, introducing yourself
  • Receiving someone
  • Talking about your job (tasks, activities, sector)
  • Short daily expressions

  • Answering the telephone, asking for information
  • Taking/leaving a message
  • Problems, complaints
  • Spell/ask to spell
  • Explaining the way from/to
    your company
  • Welcoming a visitor
  • Locate a visitor
  • Locate an object
  • Exchange information
Making or changing an appointment Meetings and discussions Writing e-mails
Taalworkshop Een afspraak maken-wijzigen Taalworkshop Vergaderen-discussiëren Taalworkshop E-mails schrijven
  • Making an appointment
  • Cancelling an appointment
  • Changing an appointment
  • Asking someone to wait
  • Agreeing / disagreeing
  • Offering an opinion
  • Introducing a meeting
  • Giving / defending your opinion
  • Formal vs. informal
  • Referring to something
  • To confirm, to inform, asking questions
  • Out of office
Informal conversation Grammar brush-up
Taalworkshop Informele conversatie Taalworkshop Opfrissing grammatica
  • Small talk
  • Networking
  • Talking about general situations

Brushing up the grammar rules in order to express oneself more correctly in an oral and a written manner.


Extra info

Target group

Minimum knowledge of the language: basic (1.5 ALTE / A2+ CEF)


Half a day (4 hours) per workshop

Number of participants

3 to 6 participants


Dutch (this course is also available for French, and English).

Practical information

Rapid planning based on your availability.
The course can take place in your office or at our training centres in Brussels, Ghent, Diegem, Antwerp or Liege.