Business German course for telephoning.

The language course 'Telephoning in German' is created for receptionists, telephonists or employees who need to be able to communicate effectively in German on the telephone.

During the training, the following daily telephone skills will be worked on:

  • introducing yourself
  • asking for someone
  • transferring a call
  • leaving a message
  • taking a message
  • making an appointment
  • changing an appointment
  • dealing with a complaint
  • giving information
  • etc.

Telephone skills for advanced learners:

  • analysing a complex problem
  • rephrasing a question
  • reassuring someone
  • suggesting a solution
  • analysing/dealing with a complaint
  • etc.

Depending on your language level and your practical needs, we design a tailored programme. Lessons consist of creative exercises, true-to-life conversations and role playing.

All participants also get a list of key phrases in support.

Extra info

Target group

Receptionists, telephonists or employees who need to be able to communicate effectively in Dutch on the telephone. Minimum level 1/5 ALTE - A2 CEF.


20 hours (sessions of 2 hours)
1 hour = 60 minutes

Number of participants

Private, twin or group course (3 to 6 participants)


German (this course is also available for French, English and Dutch).

Follow-up e-learning

At the start of the German course, you receive access to our online e-learning platform where you will find weekly exercises tailored to your language level.

You’ll also have access to the e-lexica, where you can practice specific business vocabulary through a series of drills (e.g. EU terminology, financial terminology, HR terminology, IT terminology, legal terminology, marketing terminology, negotiating terminology, telephone expressions, etc.).

Practical information

Rapid planning based on your availability.
The course can take place in your office or at our training centres in Brussels, Ghent, Diegem, Antwerp or Liege.